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Autoresponder issues

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  • Autoresponder issues


    We have set up some autoresponders set up to fire based on SKU and payment method. (Transactions are being entered via Virtual Terminal) They seem to be working fine, though we can't get them to send for the following two transaction order numbers: 33057-1704191438056617010 and 33057-1704191608490821357. Can you please take a look and let us know why the autoresponder isn't firing on those?

    I've double-checked the autoresponders ("Birthday Blowout Confirmation" and "Birthday Bash Confirmation"), and tried the "Resend Autoresponder" button on the transactions, with no luck. (The one thing I see on the C&P Data records that might indicate the issue is the Message field on the C&P Data record says "successfully transacted" - others show "Manually Created")

    Org ID 00Di0000000HPcf access has been granted. Thank you!