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Fields on payment widget seem to be filling incorrectly

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  • Fields on payment widget seem to be filling incorrectly

    Hey there,

    So when a donor makes a donation through our standard C&P widget on our website (see attached link), I've been noticing that often some of the address information (e.g. apartment number) ends up in the wrong field (namely: the honor/memorial recipient address field). See attached photo for an example.
    So: the donor street is shown, but apartment & suite numbers end up in the honor/memorial field.

    I investigated and it turns out that if you're using an autofill app (e.g. Dashlane) to fill your information, the "recipient address line" shows up as a fill-able field while the donor "address line 1" field does not. Potentially explaining why information is frequently missing from the field but present in the honoree field.

    Can we turn on something that end to signal to autofill apps that the "address line 1" field is an address field and should be auto-filled, and that "recipient address" should not be? My current issue is that I have to comb through all the receipts manually to find address & suite numbers and add them to contact records, otherwise our postal mail doesn't reach our donors because we're missing half the address.


    My Org ID is: 00Dd0000000i8lD
    I've granted C&P access to Salesforce.
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    Hi any word on this?


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      Good day @jackdunn

      Sorry but we don't support any of the autofill apps. We usually recommend NOT to use autofill because it always gives a problem for the payment pages.
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