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Recurring fields not updating on Post

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  • Recurring fields not updating on Post


    We just upgraded our Production instance to the most recent version of C&P (there was a long gap), and part of our post-deploy is 'Posting' Recurrings so that all of the fields update on the pre-existing Recurring objects in SF. The *vital* fields are working (like Status), but a handful of fields are not updating (C&P Account Number, Currency, Payment Type, Credit Card Name, and Credit Card Expiration). Those fields update fine if either a start a new Recurring from scratch, or, in the case on one Recurring that had a payment that was missing in SF (and thus causing the Recurring to be out-of-sync), if I post the missing payment.

    Is this expected behavior? My best guess is that integration needs a certain threshold of changedness (like if the Status changes) before it even bothers updating those.

    Thank you,

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    Good day @Unportant

    Yes, that is an expected behaviour, if any one installment missing from the recurring chain, it will show the out-of-sync. Upon posting the missing installment it will update recurring info.
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      Thank you, but my question was more about the ones that aren't updating. We have a bunch of Recurrings that don't have a missing payment, and we're just trying to update the Recurring object itself to get that missing info in-place (those fields weren't around in our earlier version, so they're all blank).



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        Never mind, I'm going to say that we can close this issue. I'm starting to see that the active Recurrings are updating properly when their next payment comes in, which satisfies me. I'm still iffy on the cancelled ones, but I've opened another ticket that more specifically addresses those.