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  • Process error

    I am creating a Salesforce process using Process Builder on the Opportunity object. Which field determines whether an Opportunity is recurring if we use Click & Pledge?

    The process will create email alerts for Posted Opportunities but I want to use different email templates depending on whether the Opportunity is a recurring donation. What criteria would I use to denote recurring?

    My first attempt yielded the following error:

    Error element myDecision (FlowDecision).
    The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.CnP_PaaS__C_P_Recurring__r.CnP_ PaaS__CnP_RecurringStatus__c because it hasn't been set or assigned.
    This report lists the elements that the flow interview executed. The report is a beta feature.
    We welcome your feedback on IdeaExchange.
    Flow Details
    Flow Name: Thank_You_Letter_Task
    Type: Workflow
    Version: 1
    Status: Active
    Flow Interview Details
    Interview Label: Thank_You_Letter_Task-1_InterviewLabel
    Current User: Andrea Aldana (005i0000000Wn53)
    Start time: 3/7/2017 12:37 PM
    Duration: 0 seconds
    How the Interview Started
    Andrea Aldana (005i0000000Wn53) started the flow interview.
    Some of this flow's variables were set when the interview started.
    myVariable_old = 006i000000iZLXBAA4
    myVariable_current = 006i000000iZLXBAA4
    ASSIGNMENT: myVariable_waitStartTimeAssignment
    {!myVariable_waitStartTimeVariable} Equals {!Flow.CurrentDateTime}
    {!myVariable_waitStartTimeVariable} = "3/7/2017 12:37 PM"
    Salesforce Error ID: 908999883-64055 (870690449)

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    Good day @[email protected]

    You may need to check first whether the opportunity is associated with any recurring and then you may proceed to check the status of recurring.

    Regarding error code, you may need to contact the SF Support for further details.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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