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Open donation fields always create multiple opportunities?

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  • Open donation fields always create multiple opportunities?

    Hello! Am I correct in assuming that the "open" donation fields on Connect forms, where the donor puts the amount into any number of pre-defined fund choices, must always create multiple opportunities, one per line? Since it's multiple SKUs, I assume so, but want to confirm. Thanks!

    The reason it matters for this case: If a person gives a $500 gift but splits it among 5 $100 sub-gifts to 5 funds, it will create 5 $100 gifts. Their "Largest gift" rollup will not reflect reality-- it will say they only gave a top gift of $100, not $500. So it's important to have it be one gift, but we planned to use NPSP allocations. I know I can fake my way around it by using custom questions as open ended fund entry and creating NPSP allocations w/ procees/flow, but wanted to be sure I couldn't start some way a bit easier. I don't quite understand how C&P Allocations tie into those type of open-ended multiple fund type forms, or if they do at all