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    is it possible to change how the charge for a transaction shows up on someones bank statement? Our organization is titled Minnesota Literacy Council and right now, "MINNESOTA LITERACY COUNC" is what appears on the bank statement. i'm assuming their is a character limit, so we couldn't get it to fully appear, but is it possible to change it to MN Literacy Council?


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    Good day lshramko

    Yes it is possible - the character limit on a credit card statement is 23 characters so that is the ultimate limit we have to work with.

    To fix this you need to first contact Transfirst and change it with them. We cannot, unfortunately, do it for you since it requires an authorized person in charge of the account to request the change. Once that changes with Transfirst let us know and we will change it for you.

    If we change it now without Transfirst changing it - the receipt will show the text but in actuality the statement name will be as before. Only Transfirst can change that.

    Let us know when you want us to change it for you.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Do you know how to get in touch with Transfirst, maybe an email or phone number? I haven't had any luck using their comment box on their website (so far no reply).


      - Liam


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        Good day @lshramko

        Here you go: 800-571-6199 option 2 and they will assist over the phone.
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