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Duplicate Contact Role: Soft Credit

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  • Duplicate Contact Role: Soft Credit

    Hi, A donation came in from an individual, but for some reason his Contact record was given TWO contact roles on the gift: one was "Donor", the other was "Soft Credit".

    Any idea why this might have happened, and how we can prevent this in the future? Here is a link to the opportunity:

    The Org ID is: 00D1a000000YKsY and I've granted one week of access


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    Good day [email protected]

    Before I answer your question, may I ask why you have several forum userid's? I see the format of your userid under different +xyz emails. Are you a consultant and these userID's are simply tagged as the client?

    Now as for the answer to your question:

    Seems like you are using NPSP and have also enabled our contact roles. I checked your account and see the following:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2017-01-13_8-40-25.jpg
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ID:	30040

    Please read the RED warning at the top.

    NPSP sets up a contact role and you are also asking us to create it. This exact scenario is why we have the red warning at the top.

    Please let me know if this helps you pinpoint the issue.
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      Thank you! Someone must have changed that setting. Yes I'm a consultant and many of our clients use C&P, and I find the response rate is much quicker on the forum than via email. Thanks!