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Recurring Donations showing in Salesforce Recurring Donation Object

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  • Recurring Donations showing in Salesforce Recurring Donation Object

    I don't see in C&P Settings how I can make recurring donations that come through click and pledge create a Recurring Donation record in Salesforce NPSP. So right now, after enabling the integration I have recurring donations that I've entered manually using this Salesforce object, and Recurring donations that have been made online that are connected via C&P transactions/recurrences. It makes my data inconsistent. Is there a recommended best practice for this?

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    Good day @RMHamdan

    Sorry, as of now we don't create recurring donations for NPSP object. C&P creates its own recurring data which you will find under C&P Recurring tab. However, I have forwarded this to our developers to see if they can consider the above in upcoming releases.
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      Second this idea!


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        Please add!


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          Hi, I was reading through some of the latest features in the release and it seems some functionality was added for recurring donations. Does this release cover the concerns I brought up or is it using a different object structure for recurring donations?


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            Good day RMHamdan

            No - the current recurring model does not support the NPSP model due to a large number of NPSP's shortcomings. The issue is not as simple as one may imagine.

            Indefinite recurring is an ongoing payment and NPSP does not support such a model. In addition, cancellation, and a number of our features creates a bit of havoc in NPSP. NPSP is, for all practical purposes, designed for an individual sitting next to a computer typing records. An automated system handling external transactions is not very well modeled through that process.

            We have been working with the NPSP group to add certain functionality to help with this shortcoming and may be able to provide a closer integration in a later release, if these features are available.
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