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Connect says "not posted" despite transactions being present in Salesforce

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  • Connect says "not posted" despite transactions being present in Salesforce

    Hi there,

    I usually check weekly in Connect to see if there's any transactions that haven't posted to Salesforce. This week I found 10. However when I went to push them to SF, I found that those transactions (exact same order numbers) were already in Salesforce.

    If I push them again, I risk creating duplicates. But if I ignore the 'not posted' status, I risk losing transactions. So besides running every single order number into Salesforce to check what's where, I'm at a loss as to what to do. Is this a known bug? Do you know what might be causing it and how it can be fixed? I did notice that all the transactions took place on 12/9. Please advise.
    Some of the problematic transaction order numbers: 161296581511542436035 ; 161296594029462635237 ; 1612970542449440996 )

    Access granted, org ID = 00Dd0000000i8lD


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