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Match on Contact ID instead of contact information like email?

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  • Match on Contact ID instead of contact information like email?

    For integrations, is there anyway for Click & Pledge's native matching to use a unique ID field instead of name/address/email, for instance a Salesforce ID?


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    Good day @Perc-BRC

    Would you please elaborate your question little more?
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      Hi- We'd like the ability to find and match existing contacts using a unique ID field (typical text(255) field ID that could be filled w/ the Salesforce Contact ID or any other unique value really) instead of the standard name, email, address matching. For websites that have integrations to salesforce, instead of having to maintain an immediate two-way sync of all the contact fields to facilitate matching in C&P (and therefore avoiding contacts held as Temporary Contacts), you could just sync an ID to the website user table. A donation form of a logged in contact on the website would pass the ID back to C&P and it could find the contact without even having to use the name/email/address matching. That way any existing contact passed in this way would not create dupes or get held as Temporary, as long as the ID doesn't change. While matching only on email often works, we find contacts that share emails quickly break that (not just for C&P, for lots of integrations). Just another idea, hoping maybe it already exists!



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        Any thoughts here? Thanks!