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Temp contact match field and processing issues

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  • Temp contact match field and processing issues

    Hello there.

    Our client, Org ID 00DA0000000C8TR is missing the NEW option to process a temporary contact. Also, every contact matches with Jonathan Jacoby, an existing contact, despite the Match Fields (First, Last, F/L Aliases, and email being the only match fields). As you can see from the two screenshots, these examples should not match with Jonathan Jacoby based on the match field criteria under C&P Settings.

    We had the development team verify the post-installation so maybe this is more involved than we initially expected.

    Please let me know what to do in order to fix this as it is preventing the processing of temporary contacts in general.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    I received further help from the development team. This was resolved by deleting 2 manually created recurring records that were orphaned and had no associated order number.