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One-off send C&P email using template

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  • One-off send C&P email using template

    Is there any way to send an email to a specific contact referencing a specific C&P Transaction using an email template from C&P Designer? This would be like sending an email from the Contact record's Activity related list.

    In our specific case, we entered a check from a contact using Virtual Terminal but need an autoresponder sent to a different contact than the primary on the opportunity. It could be argued that we selected the wrong primary contact and should select someone else so that person automatically receives the letter. However, we would still like to know if it's possible to send a C&P email as described without having to create the same template in Salesforce land.

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    Just discovered an added level of challenge here. The donation type in question is from a donor-advised or family fund. So, the ultimate opportunity is tied to a foundation's account with a soft credit to the contact who acted as advisor. However, C&P Virtual Terminal doesn't let us set the account associated with a donation, only the contact. The desired primary contact is going to be associated with a household account and the primary affiliate of the foundation account.

    Is there any way to resolve this? Again, ultimately we want to trigger an autoresponder to the primary contact of the foundation account. We're fine with manually creating the opportunity but does that mean we also have to use a Salesforce Email Template instead of a C&P Designer template?


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      Good day wtben

      Sorry to have missed this. This cannot be done at this time.

      As for the receipt - this is currently under development and will be available in the next update of PaaS with better integration with the new Connect.

      Emails, cannot be sent to Accounts at this time and is something we are working on for release 10 due out next year. Accounts present a challenge in their structure in Saleforce.
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