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Custom Mapping Error

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  • Custom Mapping Error

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    I'm trying to get a custom question mapping set up. and it was working before, but now whenever I try and map onto that specific field (Account.Playhouse__c) I get the Following fun error:

    Map key Playhouse__c not found in map
    Error is in expression '{!fieldlistmap_picklist_8[CustomAnswer.CnP_PaaS__Object_Map__c][CustomAnswer.CnP_PaaS__Field_Map__c]}' in component <apex:selectOneListbox> in page cnp_paas:cnp_settings_custom_question

    What's strange is that if I try and map to another field that's pretty much identical (Account.Playhouse2__c) It all works fine.

    How Do I debug this kind of thing when it happens?



    Simon Jensen
    KELL Partners

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    Any thoughts on why I'm getting this error when trying to set a custom question mapping?
    Simon Jensen
    KELL Partners


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      Good day @Simon,

      Sorry we forgot to update this. We have found out the issue & here it is:
      • Account have playhouse with lookup field
      • Contact also have playhouse as a picklist
      in the current release the fields that have the same name is causing an issue. 2 different objects have the same field name with 2 different data types. In our release, the system is using the same datatype for both. We have reviewed the code and have figured out what is going on. We will have a fix for this in the next release.

      Do you think you can rename one field? We can send you the fix before the release if you want as an interim solution.
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        Wow, i do bring you the craziest errors or what?
        We're in the middle of data import so renaming fields would make a whole lot of people really angry with me. If you plan to release the patch to the beta forum I'll keep an eye peeled for it there, or you can email me when you get it put together.

        We're not going to be processing live transactions for a while but have a whole ton of prelaunch config to do before then so It'd be great if I could get things configured as soon as possible even using a beta patch.
        Thanks as always.
        Simon Jensen
        KELL Partners