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WID length Error

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  • WID length Error

    One more thing. We just processed a transaction on the new form and when we went to process the temporary contact it created we got the following error:
    • WID: WID: data value too large: e648ebf8-7ca6-491f-bd3e-53d5c01f4b2e (max length=18)
    • Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, WID: data value too large: e648ebf8-7ca6-491f-bd3e-53d5c01f4b2e (max length=18): [CnP_PaaS__CheckOutPageId__c]

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    Good day!

    Please make sure your questions are posted in proper channels. The issue you posted is not a "New Idea & Suggestion" . I will remove this to the Salesforce channel.

    The issue you are using is because your instance is not up-to-date. The last version was a compatibility release for the new Connect & if you are not on release 9.70xx you will experience that error if using Connect forms. The new Connect forms use a longer WID and the updated Salesforce release has expanded the WID field from 18 to 40.

    Please grant us login access and post an update request to the Salesforce upgrade channel.
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      Ah. Thanks. I just posted in the SF upgrade Request Channel.