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Auto Settlement - now set to "yes" and I cannot change?

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  • Auto Settlement - now set to "yes" and I cannot change?

    I had an alert set up that would send me a note in Salesforce whenever there was a new transaction sitting in Temporary Contacts. Since the latest updates (possibly earlier - we don't get a lot of CC gifts!) - these began appearing the day after the transaction.

    In our Account information in the Portal, I see that Auto Settlement is set to "yes" and that is not recommended - and I don't think it was set that way before? AND I cannot change it. Has something changed with the updates and is this now somehow a required setting for Salesforce integration? I don't really want the nighttime settlement, especially if it is going to not be able to alert me when I need to get a transaction out of Temporary Contacts...

    Our Salesforce ID is 00D1a000000YF55 and I will see that you have access if you need it.


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    Good day @Leslie Cox

    The issue you are reporting is nothing to do with Auto Settlement. The reason you didn't received the temp contact notifications because those temp contacts are not new. Those temp contacts are sitting in there from last year.

    Let me explain you why all of sudden they appear in Temp contacts:

    Those temp contacts are from C&P Events. The reason you are seeing these is because you had never settled the attendees from last year. In the previous releases we noticed that most clients are missing settling the attendee temps and as such their events were not generating the right report.

    From the release of 4.1x we have combined all temps into one screen. Now you are seeing them whereas before you were not going to the tab for the attendees.

    There is a pull down menu at the top of the C&P Temp that shows you if they are related to event attendees or the payment. I strongly recommend you settle them so your contacts show their correct history.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      I am not referring to the temp contacts sitting there from last year - which are there because of a completely separate problem which I have not yet solved - please ignore them in the context of this question. (In most cases they would come to zero if cleared properly, because most were comped tickets - but some are not; they were originally all cleared but somehow came back after a previous update and I am having trouble matching them because some people paid for other people and I don't know which to match to which contact - the attendee or the actual payor)

      I have cleared all recent temp contacts.

      The questions I still need answered are these -

      1) why I am suddenly set to Auto Settlement and cannot change it when I don't believe I was set that way before - is that required somehow now?

      2) if Auto Settlement has nothing to do with when my alerts are happening, then why are current transactions not alerting me immediately in Salesforce about temp contacts as they were previously, but waiting until the next morning to send? I did get some that way, but I cleared them - then started looking in Temp Contacts whenever I saw a receipt because I realized something was wrong with my alerts.