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Can't find who actually recorded a donation.

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  • Can't find who actually recorded a donation.

    Virtual Terminal is recording myself (the admin) as the Owner and Created By for every donation that gets recorded, regardless of whether I have recorded them or someone else. Is this a default and is there a way to fix this? I need to know who actually recorded a donation when it is manually done through the Virtual Terminal. Several of my users are also Partner Community Users and to the recording on the Virtual Terminal through our Partner Community.

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    Good day ndlugajczyk

    The Virtual Terminal posts the data to our API and the API posts back to Salesforce using the "connected" user. The connected user is the one that is being recorded as the owner since that is the one that is creating all the data.

    The idea has been brought up recently to allow the logged in user to be the owner and in release 10 we will post the data back to the API so in its return path we can update the record based on the logged in user but that is not at this time possible. Release 10 is currently scheduled for next year.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Okay thank you that helps. I will be looking forward to the change in release 10.