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Transaction not linked to a related opportunity

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  • Transaction not linked to a related opportunity

    We have two CnP transactions that, when I open them, they are not connected to a related opportunity. The order numbers are: 1505051846284829529 and 1505031229456378594.

    Can you look in my org (id # 00Dd0000000i8lD) and let me knowy this is happening? What needs to happen to fix these donations? How can we prevent this from happening in the future?


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    Did this thread get overlooked?



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      Good day Radha,

      The transactions posted here are future date transactions and they are treated differently.

      - An opportunity is created for $0 for the pre-authorization
      - On the date the transaction is set to occur the opportunity created with $0 will be updated to the actual and moved to the new transaction

      The information provided during office hours was not correct and after reviewing this with our team the above is the designed flow of the process.

      Sorry that this is inconvenient but this is how it has been since the start of the platform. To address your specific requirement we will add a number of options to Release 10, due out later this year, that will offer backward compatibility for those that wish it the way it is now as well as new features will may be set to make it behave you want.

      We have also confirmed that NPSP does not create a "Payment" record for an opportunity with $0 and since we update the Opportunity record without creating a new one for the future date transactions NPSP does not create any record. It seems like if NPSP was keeping track of changes the NPSP behavior should have been to create opportunity for $0 and then if any changes made to the opportunity it should update the matching payment but it does not.

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

      We will make sure this addition is included in the next release.
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