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  • Autoresponder Issues

    Please lend assistance for sending out autoresponses for all credit card transactions. We have a very simple set-up (just beginning to dabble in all the capabilities of C & P & salesforce). We wish to set up an autoresponse receipt to all C&P Donations acknowledging donations. Basically what your receipt does but we made one to look a bit nicer. We have some recurring and some just random transactions throughout the year. It would be nice to figure out how to set up the auto response so that when we have our event next spring we can have customized receipts. But for the time being we and our consultants have not been able to get autoresponder to work. I have combed your forums but I feel like I need some more one-on-one help. I have granted you access for a week.

    I have tested the autoresponder both in test mode and with real money, no receipt. I have turned off getting the auto receipt (yes, I acknowledge we get it and always will get it to our org's email). But right now the donor is receiving no receipt. Please help! Do you have ( I couldn't find) a better page that describes setting up autoresponders in much more detail than this page?

    Thank you!

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    Org ID 00D61000000ZNar


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      Good day @CIOregon

      Would you please share couple of order numbers which didn't fire the Autoresponder so that we can review it?

      We noticed that there are some temporary contacts. Please note that Autoresponders do NOT trigger if the transaction has not completely been processed with a Contact. Please process those C&P Temporary Contacts and see if you receive Autoresponder.

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        Thank you! I had tried so many ways and sifted through so many of your articles that my mind had been pretty scattered by the end of the day. Yes, the test people needed to be contacts and that was it! Thank you! I should have spotted that, but as I said I was quite muddled from learning and combing your forums that that last little piece slipped my mind. It appears to be working...though I should figure out how to test a recurring transaction. Thank you!!!!