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Autoresponder for yearly benefit when recurring payments are less than yearly

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  • Autoresponder for yearly benefit when recurring payments are less than yearly

    I have a membership benefit that has a 1 year duration. I communicate it to the purchasers of memberships by sending an email via auto responder when they first sign up for a membership and every year thereafter. It's clear how to setup the logic for sending the autoresponder when the recurring payment is yearly or when it is a one time payment or the payment is made for 1 year of recurring payments. However, if someone setups up recurring payments monthly, there seems to be no existing logic to send the reminder 1 year later. I could send it 365 days later, but that only helps if they only stay a member for less than 2 years. After that, they receive nothing.

    I think what I need is a criteria in the autoresponder to fire off the email every 1+N times. So, if N=12, it would fire on the 13th, 25th, 37th installments. How do I make this request ?

    The other alternative is to run a report and fire it off manually some how. Is that even possible ?

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    Good day BobD

    I think this feature is best suited using an upcoming feature we are working on in release 10 where you will be able to create a report and have an email be sent to that report based on a preset schedule.

    Have you considered using an emailing application such as Predictive Response?

    They are better suited, at this time, to do what you want.
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      We already use Predictive Response. My desire is to manage all my email responses in one place, not have multiple systems with different formats on the email, possibly different criteria if someone isn't careful. I still have to figure out when the 1 yr anniversary is ,which isn't easy from the available fields. I may have to create a new field and some code for that.
      When is release 10 supposed to come out ?
      Until then, is there a way a send an email manually to a designated person ?