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Fully and Semi Automatic is creating duplicate contacts

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  • Fully and Semi Automatic is creating duplicate contacts

    We tested having both Fully and Semi Automatic settings and matching fields: First Name, Last Name, and all options for the email address (personal, work, etc.) -

    When we had it set to Fully Automatic, the system created duplicate contacts in salesforce.

    When we had it set to Semi, the system took a new contact who donated and created them in temporary contact when it should have been a completely new contact but not temporary?


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    Good day!

    In Semi-automatic the system will NEVER create a new contact unless set up from the Temporary Contact.

    The idea is to make sure it does not create a duplicate. If it can't find it the system will put it in the Temporary Contact so you can decide if a match exists and it not then you click on process.

    Imagine if Johnathan Smith changes his email from Gmail to Outlook and processes as John Smith with the new email. Or John marries and changes his last name to a 2 part last name or in other combination. The semi-automatic simply says if I can't find it based on the matching criterion I will leave it in the Temp area for you to decide what to do with it.

    In the fully automatic if a single variable is different in the matching criterion it will create a new contact. The setting simply says - all these fields have to match and it does not match it is a new person.

    I hope that answers your question.
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