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Matching Gifts Challenges / Double the Donation

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  • Matching Gifts Challenges / Double the Donation

    We are having a couple of challenges with Matching Gifts / Double the Donation. Chatted with Kamran today on the daily support call and he asked that I formally submit a ticket.
    1) We want individual donations that indicate there will be a corporate matched gift to ALSO use the Record Type of Matching Donation. This is to keep their processes the same as prior to implementing Double the Donation.
    2) We have turned OFF the functionality to automatically create a corresponding corporate matching donation record, but then how do we know, in Salesforce, that an opportunity should be eligible to be matched? Prior to Double the Donation, this client implemented a KELL application that included Matching Gifts fields (see on the layout). And then it was easy to mass match up a $10,000 check from a Company to multiple individual donations that added up to that total amount. It would be nice if the information provided on the individual donation would map to those KELL fields.

    Salesforce ID: 00Dj0000000JToC

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    Will someone please provide an update for me. I have a meeting with the client tomorrow morning.


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      Good day jaskelson

      Sorry that we have missed this case. The Record Type as shown in the C&P Settings handles this case.

      See below:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-08-17_17-12-31.jpg
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ID:	26042

      The above will set the Record Type for the Opportunity that is assigned to the Contact to have the selected Record Type.

      If you are not creating an opportunity for matching gift, the system will have no indication of the matching gift. We can gladly build a different behavior (as you are describing) as an option in Release 10.x (due out next year) but at this time the system will not have any way of tracking it.

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        We have made this changes under C&P Settings, yet a transaction that came in last week is still incorrect. Please review and let us know what we are missing.

        C&P Transaction/Order Number: 1608181803093781465
        Salesforce Opp ID: 006j000000T8rGh

        I have granted login rights.

        Thank you!


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          Good day jaskelson

          We have identified an issue that is being resolved in the upcoming release, due out the week of August 29. It is a bug that is causing this problem.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.
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