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CnP Error When Trying To Manually Create An Account

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  • CnP Error When Trying To Manually Create An Account

    When I try to manually create an account so I can add a contact to it as a relationship, I get the following error as I press the "Save" button:

    Error: Invalid Data.
    Review all error messages below to correct your data.
    Apex trigger Capitalization.AccountBeforeInsertUpdate caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: Capitalization.AccountBeforeInsertUpdate: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: System.SObjectException: Invalid field CnP_PaaS__Company_ID__c for Account: (Capitalization)

    I initially logged a Support Ticket and was helped by Patrick who has now referred me to this forum. I have granted support access for 1 month and my org ID is (00DG0000000ixo1)


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    Good day Neely,

    We reviewed your instance and noticed that there was a C&P deprecated field exist in your instance "CnP_PaaS__Company_ID__c for Account". We have deleted that field since there is NO use to keep it in the instance.

    However, even after deleting the deprecated field we still see the above error while creating the account. We reviewed all the work flows and rules and found nothing to cause the above error. The above error is throwing from a trigger from "Capitalization" package.

    Would you please contact "Capitalization" and see what you will find.

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      Ok, I will check. Thank you!


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        Ok, here is my follow up:

        1. I uninstalled the capitalization package.
        2. Tried to create an account and it worked!

        Problem Solved!

        Thank you,