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Group of transactions declined and then reposted--normal?

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  • Group of transactions declined and then reposted--normal?

    Hi- This is a newish account, Canadian & using iATS which I know is still getting some kinks worked out, so I'm hoping it's just a one time glitch, but wanted to be sure.

    They set up a batch of recurring gifts last week to start charging on 8/1. All of them had the $0 transaction pre-auth just fine last week. Then, on 8/1, she said she received emails that they were all declined. There are 2 transactions on Connect-- one marked declined, one authorized. In Salesforce there are 2 transactions for 8/1-- One is marked Transaction Result = blank, Total Charged= the right charge amount. Then several hours later another charge actually charges and is marked Authorized. It looks like all the transactions for several hours were declined and then retried.

    Couple questions:
    Is there any place to check why they were declined (an error code or similar)? It's was all of them were in one chunk, so I'm assuming it was a system issue, not the cards, but it would be good to see those errors.

    Why didn't the transactions get marked Declined in Salesforce (result is blank, not declined)?

    Will declined recurring transactions always retry like that? How many times until it stops retrying?

    Anyway to tell it was just a temporary glitch? We're about to upload hundreds of monthly gifts into C&P and need to ensure it's not an issue w/ the account before we do that


    Org ID 00D80000000LajA
    Sample Transaction:
    Decline- 16819575868518111909
    Approve- 168113303381518173765

    Report showing all of them:

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    Good day Perc-BRC

    The account is fine - the issue we had was with the iATS processing the recurring which resulted in an error. We resolved the issue and updated your account so all is fixed now.

    We ran the declined transactions again and all worked with the new settings.

    The account should not have any issues moving forward.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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