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Check is required in VT, but we don't have an actual check

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  • Check is required in VT, but we don't have an actual check

    Hi- When trying to process EFT/ACH transactions from phone and web campaigns, we don't get a check number as we don't have a check in front of us, just routing (or transit/branch in Canada) and account info. But the virtual terminal asks for a check number as a required field. This isn't required via our processor, iATS, either. How can we process these without a check number please? Is echeck different than ACH and maybe we have the wrong kind of account?


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    Good day Perc-BRC

    Check number may be added as any number. It is primarily as a reference number.

    Some gateways require it and we recommend using any number, e.g. 999 if missing.

    We will see how we can make it optional if IATS is used.
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      Ah, good to know! Learning all the things today.