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Two CnP Accounts

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  • Two CnP Accounts

    As part of Bolder Giving's upcoming Give OUT Day, a second CnP account was created for our organization. Is there a way to combine the two accounts?


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    Good day!

    I am not sure you want to do this- the Bolder Giving account is at a higher rate since the organization has an overhead added to the base rate to cover their cost.

    Your account is a lower rate.

    It is best if you keep the 2 accounts separate and use your existing account for your site and the other one just for GiveBig. If you use the same userid & password the Portal will let you download the reports together. In the report area you will see 2 accounts that you can choose from when downloading the report.

    Since you are using Salesforce the data will also show which account it is being posted from. In the autoresponder you may also set up emails to be sent if a donation comes through the GiveOut site.

    Hope that answers your question.
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