We made a recurring (monthly) donation through virtual terminal and made the charge date a week in the future. (The goal is to keep an existing donor on an old donation system with the same monthly payment date and contribution amount.) The monthly donation is $25 and all of it is tax deductible.

What c&p created was a recurring object (good) with a transaction for $0 (ok, sorta) with a small transaction fee (undesirable), and an associated $0 opportunity marked closed won with $25 tax deductible component on the opportunity (bad) and transaction (sorta bad).

So it seems like a bug that the transaction and opportunity have $25 tax deductible and a $0 amount. Should a transaction and opportunity even be created for a future charge date recurring donation?

Will the future posted vt request actually happen? Will it create a new transaction and opportunity? Can I delete the (erroneous?) $0 transaction and associated opportunity?