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Fulfill C&P Pledge with existing opportunity

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  • Fulfill C&P Pledge with existing opportunity

    I had a donation come in a couple weeks ago that fulfilled a pledge made last month, however it failed to fulfill the pledge in SFDC, perhaps because the name was entered slightly different. In any case, I'd like to manually connect the pledge with the associated opportunity.

    When I click Pledge Payment, an error appears: "Pledge amount should be greater than Payments Received." Well, the Total Pledge is $150 and Payments Received is $0. Is this a bug? If I check Excess Amount on the pledge, then Pledge Payment leads to Virtual Terminal.

    Well, that wasn't the direction I wanted to go anyway because the opportunity already exists. How do I match the pledge and opportunity to each other retroactively?

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    Good day!

    As of now we don't have an option to match the pledge and opportunity manually since it all updates in run time when payments added.

    Regarding the Pledge Payment, that is an expected behavior. Since, the Total Pledge is of $150 it won't allow the payment if the amount is greater than 150. If you check Excess Amount then it allows you to proceed the payment with virtual terminal.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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