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Unable to Push Transactions to Salesforce

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day!

    We reviewed and noticed that the reason for above issue is because the data is ending up with below error:

    Error Code: 3000Detail: CnP_PaaS.PaaSTrigger: System.LimitException: npsp:Too Many DML Statements: 151..

    The issue is due to number of triggers and workflows you have on contacts, accounts, campaign..etc. hitting governor limit and result too many DML. This issue has been discussed briefly in the HUB. If you please review the below HUB thread you will know the details of the issue and the resolution.

    Please check and let us know if you have any questions.


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  • annagore
    started a topic Unable to Push Transactions to Salesforce

    Unable to Push Transactions to Salesforce

    Hi there,

    I have three dropped transactions that I've been unable to Push to Salesforce. When I try to use the feature it appears to work, but when I refresh I see that it's still has an Error status.

    I emailed Click and Pledge support department, and they suggested that I post the issue here to get it resolved.

    Please review the following:

    Account: 24375
    Member Name: Joshua O.
    Order # 1604291622243684916

    Account: 22990
    Member Name Rachel F.
    Order # 1605132251464249811

    Member Name: Josh W.
    Order # 1605170138062602336