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Mapping Fields from Click and Pledge into Salesforce

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  • Mapping Fields from Click and Pledge into Salesforce

    We are using the Sandbox environment to check how well the Click and Pledge app integrates into Salesforce.

    We noticed that while the transaction is placed on the C&P Temporary Contacts (as setup that way), all the fields are captured according to what was provided on the Click and Pledge Test Payment page. However, once it is processed as (example) a "New Contact", when we check that particular Contact's details, it has only captured the Name (First and Last). Can you let us know how and where we can map the fields in? We tried to do it in C&P Settings tab, under Contacts & Accounts navigation... on the Contact & Account Mapping section. However, after doing all that, when we did a transaction through Click and Pledge, the transaction didn't even bother to get into Salesforce (C&P Temporary Contacts). We feel we're at the wrong area mapping the fields in. Can you please give us the process to map the Click & Pledge fields with that of the Salesforce Contacts fields so we can capture all the necessary fields?

    Thank you.