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When will Click & Pledge PAAS be Lightning Ready?

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  • When will Click & Pledge PAAS be Lightning Ready?


    My organization currently uses your app Click & Pledge PAAS and we were wondering if you were planning on updating your app so that it will be compatible with the new Salesforce Lightning Experience - aka "Lightning Ready."

    If you are planning on making it Lightning Ready, do you know when your app will be available?

    Many thanks,
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    Good day!

    Salesforce Lightening is in beta and not production ready. As we say around here, Salesforce is not Lightening ready. We highly discourage anyone from switching to it as it truly is a beta release. Of course there are always the early adopters. As a platform used by thousands we always have to appeal to the stable releases.

    Our release 10 is being built on Lightening (with much pain! given all the issues that are not yet resolved) and is due out later this year or Q1 of next year.

    Hope that answers your question.
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