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Question about Opportunity Settlements

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  • Question about Opportunity Settlements

    I've been using the Opportunity Settlements on the Contact record to handle payments on Pledges in SF Org 00DU0000000XpxX. It works great.

    Now that the organization is in their on-air fund drive, we've set up a number of SKUs that set up the Opportunity Record Type, Opportunity Name and Campaign. In order to make use of those SKUs, we are using a combination of Web Forms and Virtual Terminal. That works great for the paid donation, but not for the Pledges.

    I decided to try using Virtual Terminal with a payment type of Purchase order for the on-air pledges that are not yet paid. That is working great - the opportunity is created, the SKU is setting up the Opportunity Record Type, Opportunity Name and Campaign properly and all is well, except that the pledge doesn't show up in the Opportunity Settlements section of the contact record, even though the stage on the opportunity is Pledged. You can see an example of this in the pledged opportunity for contact Kira Erznoznik. You can also see that the Opportunity Settlements is working fine for a pledged opportunity that wasn't put in through Virtual Terminal on contact Craig Watts.

    Can you tell me why the VT created opportunities are not showing up in Opportunity Settlements, or if there is something that I'm doing wrong?

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    Good day @BeverlyMIS,

    The "Opportunity Settlement" feature is ONLY available for opportunities that do NOT an order number, are set per the stage in the setting with probability of less than 100%.

    If an opportunity has already been associated with a transaction it cannot be moved to another transaction since doing that will make the original transaction incomplete.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Ah - makes total sense. I really thought I was on to something there, but sadly, not. Thanks for the clarification