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Question about autoresponder

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  • Question about autoresponder

    I have a setup for a radio station on-air drive that I have working fairly well, but I've run into an issue that I'm not sure how to get around. it is on SF id 00DU0000000XpxX
    The autoresponder is set up to send a message to the air room telling them the amount of the pledge, whether it was a monthly or single gift and has the Custom Questions and Answers on it so that the on-air folks can see the comments that the donor made. It's working great, except that it doesn't go out until the Temporary Contact is processed, so it's not happening in real time.

    I thought that I could get around it by creating a workflow that sends an email based on the fields in C&P Transaction. That one is working great, but it's not including the Custom Questions, even though I have place that merge field in the email template.

    So, my question: what do I need to do to put the Custom Questions from C&P Transactions into an email template, or is there a way to trigger the autoresponder based on the C&P Transaction before the Temporary Contact is processed?

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    Good day @BeverlyMIS,

    As you see in the Autoresponder Designer the fields are from the CONTACT record. Since it uses the fields in the CONTACT record (based on a lot of client requests) it has to be a CONTACT before the values can be retrieved for the email.

    We understand the issue you are addressing and you are not alone. While a group of clients want one way of doing it, we have clients that want to do it another way and we are sure another group wishes it yet another way but have not yet asked.

    In release 10.x we are adding an option to the C&P Designer that gives the option to have fields that are based on Contact or the user provided information. Since if we are to send the email based on the posted data we cannot possibly use the fields that area associated with the contact record.

    Currently I am not sure how you can possibly do this since you don't have access to any of the questions or fields given they are not parsed and are still in the C&P Data if the contact is in the Temp. Hope that makes sense.

    We will be adding this feature in release 10 due out, hopefully, before the end of the year.
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      Right - good to hear you're working on this. I actually am not using the autoresponder. I'm using an email template and a work flow. I have been able to create a notification that has the name, amount and some other information by using the C&P Transactions object, which has fields for Custom Questions, but I realized that the custom Questions are a related list to C&P Transactions, so I'm not sure I can get to them with an email template.