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Fraud protection / Whitelist

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  • Fraud protection / Whitelist

    One of my clients was blocked by fraud protection on several transactions. They have since whitelisted their IP address, but wants to know if they can recover those donations that were marked as fraudulent? They are showing in Connect transactions as fraud now. Is there a way to unblock and run the dontions today?

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    Good day!

    No it is not possible since when detected as fraud we do not send this to the gateway for tokenization. imagine if an account is under attack and we tokenize each transaction at $0.35 / transaction cost. Even if we reverse the transaction the per transaction cost will not be reversed by the gateway given an authorization has already taken place. Visa, MasterCard, etc. do not reverse such per transaction fees.

    We have clients that are attacked with 50K transactions in 10 minutes - multiple 50K x 0.30 and the loss associated with the fraud blocking is still overwhelming.

    When our internal algorithm determines a potential fraud we block the transaction before even sending it to the gateway and decline it automatically. Since we do not store credit card numbers we will not have any records of the credit card, once it is blocked as fraud.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      very good - thank you for the quick response. I'll let them know.