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Modifying Checkout Page code with CSS stylesheet

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  • Modifying Checkout Page code with CSS stylesheet

    The CnP-generated Checkout Pages have many setup features, but the page styling is a bit limiting. We want to modify the generated page with our CSS stylesheet.

    Is there a recommended way to do this? (w/o starting from scratch and sending into the API)

    Our thought is to run the generated page on the web; take the code from Page Source; add, the stylesheet; and, run the page from Salesforce Sites.

    Is this a viable solution? Will the CnP server allow access to the page from SF Sites? Are there other limitations to be aware of or additional features to be accessed?

    Thanks in advance,
    Y Singer

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    Good day!

    No- that can't be done. The wizard pages in the portal are legacy forms that are being retired in 2015.

    All new forms are in Connect and the new widgets are designed neutral to be embedded as iframes. Have you looked at the widgets in Connect?
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