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Custom Questions / adding time to a date field / membership renewal

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  • Custom Questions / adding time to a date field / membership renewal

    Our goal is to have a membership renewal form that would update someone's membership end date to be 1 year from their previous membership end date, instead of 1 year from the day of the renewal transaction.

    Support said we are unable to do anything with the membership_end_date, but suggested I post my follow-up questions. If we have a new custom field separate from the Membership End Date, in the custom mapping questions, could I call the contents of the new field or another field to use in it? Such as using: {fieldname} or $fieldname in this way:

    Something like {Membership_Renewal_Date}+365 to add a year to it?

    If not, is there any other method for setting updated membership dates according to the +1 year from the renewal date instead of the transaction date? Is there another way to do this I'm not aware of?

    We donít want to penalize members for renewing early and have them lose a month or so off of their membership, so would like to set it from their membership date instead of the date of processing.

    Thank you and best wishes!

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    Good day!

    Sorry but I am a bit confused. This message is in the FaaS - API form forum. The membership is not a valid FaaS field.

    What field node are you referring to? Here is the list of nodes:

    Once we have a better understanding of the node we may be able to provide an answer. Since the API form is simply based on your own code nothing about the form is related to anything we do. As I said earlier, I am a bit confused about your question.
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      Custom Text selections in Custom Questions

      Thanks for your reply. I've attached a screenshot to clarify.

      I've set up a FAAS that uses CnP's custom questions/answers where:
      Object Map = Opportunity
      Field Map = Membership End Date (a Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack field I believe - came bundled with the membership)
      Condition = SKU includes Member (picked up from the FAAS product fields)
      Custom Text = Transaction Date + 1 year

      This works great for adding a year to someone's membership. I'm also setting a membership start date in the same way (transaction date without adding a year).

      I'm also mapping several contact fields and custom contact fields in the form to various contact fields in Salesforce.

      Goal: Add 1 year on to someone's existing expiration date instead of adding 1 year from today.

      Example: Sally joined on February 1, 2014. We send a renewal notification that her membership is set to expire on February 1, 2015.
      Sally goes to our FAAS form and fills it out, contact info is updated via aliases.
      As it stands now, Sally's new expiration date will be January 7, 2016 (one year from today), when it should be February 1, 2016 (one year from expiration).

      So the question is three parts:
      1) Could we use another field name in the Opportunity object Custom Text selection (like the field membership_end_date) to add a year to instead of transaction date?

      or if not,
      2) Could we use a custom Contact field with a different Custom Text selection instead of transaction date? Or a way to pull in a field name if we don't use a date field?

      or if not,
      3) Is there another way to achieve this - another way to go about it that I haven't come across?

      Thanks and best wishes!
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        Good day!

        I moved this thread to the Salesforce forum as the previous forum is for programming issues with API development.

        Currently the only option is to add constant values to the post-date so nothing direct may be done at this time. I like your idea and we will try to include it in the Summer release.

        As for a solution- why can't you write a trigger that works off of the Opportunity and on Opportunity Insert adds 1 year to a field in the contact record. You simply want the following equation:

        New Membership Expiration Date = (Current_Expiration_Date - Payment_Date) + Membership_Period

        using the above the new membership expiration date is extended by the amount left off of the previous membership period.

        We have to think how to make this a general formula but using triggers you should be able to do this.
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