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Changing Post Date on a Closed donation.

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  • Changing Post Date on a Closed donation.

    Good day,

    We're experiencing an interesting issue with donations that come through C&P PaaS .. where we have a donation that came through C&P with a Close Date of 11/06/2014 .. and we need to change the post date to 12/14/2014 .. but when we try to change it, the Post date changes to 11/08/2014.

    Donations that don't come through C&P are not affected and essentially what we're currently doing to remedy this problem is creating donation duplicates, changing the Post date, and retaining the non-C&P-submitted donations.

    Any thoughts on what's up or how we can remedy this?

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    We figured out the issue, it was our own workflow rule. You can delete this thread.