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Recurring donor updates in Connect creating odd opportunities in Salesforce

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  • Recurring donor updates in Connect creating odd opportunities in Salesforce

    We have an interesting and new to us issue with using the Connect portal for recurring donor credit card management. When we update credit card information as suggested by your documentation, we're ending up with opportunities in Salesforce that look very odd- they don't have a SKU or WID so the Opportunity name mapping is wrong and the Transaction ID becomes the Opportunity Name, the values are $0.00 but there is an authorization fee. Is there a way to either stop pushing this transaction into Salesforce since we only use it in the CnP Connect platform or a recommendation to correctly map the Opportunity name and information? Is anyone else seeing this?

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    Good day @edurkee,

    Every change of credit card is done by simply doing a $0 transaction (pre-authorization) with the gateway. Any authorization request has a transaction cost which is the fixed cost of the fee. The percentage (discount rate) does not apply since it is a $0 transaction but anytime the gateway has to request authorization from the issuing banks the cost of the authorization will apply.

    Transactions may have many items so a recurring may include a basket of items that are set to be processed on a regular basis. Items in a basket have SKU's since SKU is an item description, e.g. T-Shirt, Membership, Building Fund, etc. -- items have SKU's and not transactions and as such each item, based on its SKU, may be set up with a naming convention, etc.

    The challenge is how can one assign SKU to an authorization request that is not an item but is a request.

    In Release 10.x, due out late this year, we will have a separate condition for Authorization Requests for the Autoresponder, mapping, etc. For now, given an authorization request, is not really an item we simply post it as a request for verification without much detail.

    Hope that answers your question.
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