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Losing Contact Information when matching a temporary contact in a transaction

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  • Losing Contact Information when matching a temporary contact in a transaction

    When a transaction (say, a donation) comes in to C&P Temporary Contacts, and then the Temp Contact is merged to an existing contact, we are always losing any new address information in the transaction information.

    For instance, if Joelyn Smithy donates $5, and it matches on email + name on an existing contact, but Ms. Smithy's address has changed, C&P doesn't seem to update that address in her Contact record. In fact, we've tested and found that if addresses are blank, and a new transaction comes in for a contact, the address in the transaction is simply dropped.

    Is this expected behavior? If this is a bug, then how to fix/change configuration? (We'd like the billing address to update the main address, like the "Contacts & Accounts Mapping" has it set up. We had thought this "Contacts & Accounts Mapping" would guide behavior of contact merging, but apparently not.)

    Is this has no fix, then do you have any workarounds for it? (For instance, using the process builder.)


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    Just wondering why we are losing address information here. Please respond, even if it means that there's no fix.


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      Good day!

      Sorry this was completely missed and not updated.

      You are NOT losing any information. All information is in the ALIAS record.

      Please note that we do NOT update the Contact information due to a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:
      • Clients set a specific format for the address, such as first letter caps, number format, etc. Patrons simply type the address in varying formats, e.g. all caps, wrong format, etc.
      • Clients want to review the address or any update to the contact to make sure invalid data is not being injected.
      • Patrons, at times, use their spouse's email when making a transaction and updating the record will simply corrupt the existing data.
      We save all information in a related object called "C&P Alias". Please add that the "C&P Alias" to your Contact layout and you will see all the information you think you are missing.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2554.jpg
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      Clicking on the "Alias ID- ***" provides detailed listing of what was entered and what is currently in the field. You may choose to push all records to the contact record, delete, or just selectively push specific fields. Click image for larger version

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      This provides the most flexibility while removing any chance of data corruption.

      The ALIAS record also is used for matching the contact so variations of the name, email, and address should be kept in the Alias. Using this method, John, Johnathan, Johny, etc. are all matched if the data exists, and as a result avoiding the C&P Temporary Contact.

      Hope this answers your question.

      & by the way, your instance is not up-to-date. If you grant us login access we can update you to the latest release. See your installed versions below: Click image for larger version

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