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European Transactions Declined

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  • European Transactions Declined


    We recently tried to run some transactions with our C&P account which is US based and some of the transactions for European credit cards wouldn't go through. Our person in our UK office put them through with the processing company they use there and it worked. Would opening a second C&P account using the UK based bank account as funds recipient make a difference so that these would go through? I'm pasting in a piece of the dialogue from our UK office manager to give context. We'd like to eliminate the other services and go with just C&P, but can't do that unless we resolve this. Please advise:
    "The trouble, is I think, that US payment gateways are viewed with suspicion by European Credit Card merchants. For example, I had no problems with that person's card. It went through (manually) like a dream.
    So, as our next congress is in Europe, could you not direct payments to our current gateway, Sagepay, since we want those funds to go into our account. And Society & journal payment will need to use that route too, as they should not be part Foundation accounting. We pay 30 ($50) for the gateway per month, and then some to the credit card merchant (WorldPay) who processes the various payments I can send you the percentages. It is a foul racket as one of those two would be quite enough, I am sure.

    What is really important as well is that European cards who think they are paying us are not charged US transaction fees."

    What would you suggest we do to fix this problem?



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    Good day!

    May I ask when this transaction was made?

    I don't see any transactions being blocked on account #: 28969

    Click & Pledge process transactions from all over the world and EU transactions are not being blocked. We are a corporation in UK and have many European clients.

    If you wish to have an EU account you need to apply through

    To have an EU account you need to be a registered NGO or company in one of the European countries.

    Please let me know what date this issue was reported so can research the transactions.
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