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Double the Donation - Record Type for Individual Donations

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  • Double the Donation - Record Type for Individual Donations

    When an individual donation comes in via C&P indicating the donation will be matched, we want that individual's donation to have the "Matching Donation" record type. Currently, those donations are automatically created under our default "Donations' record type.

    To clarify, currently we use that Matching Donation record type for BOTH the individual donation and the account matched donation. We would like to keep this process if possible.

    I sat in on Kamran's Daily Support call today and he asked that I submit to the forum.

    Thank you,

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    I did extend C&P support for a week

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    Any update on this challenge?


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      Good day!

      This is already added to the latest update we are working on. It is currently under test.

      Our ETA is in mid-March.

      Hope that answers your question.
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