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Re-run declined transaction?

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    We just ran the recurring transaction as requested and the transaction was authorized.

    You should have a receipt by now.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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  • Nicola
    started a topic Re-run declined transaction?

    Re-run declined transaction?

    Hello, our donor's recurring donation didn't run on the 28th due to insufficient funds. I contacted the donor (Kim H) today and she believes the funds should now be there and requests that it be run again.

    Please could you re-run the transaction. I think the information below is all that is needed, but please let me know if more is required.

    Account ID: 23634Patron's name: Kim H.
    Recurring failed: 9/28/2014
    Amount: $10

    Thank you!