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"Transaction processed successfully" but not showing up anywhere

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  • "Transaction processed successfully" but not showing up anywhere

    I tried to process two transactions today, both told me they were processed successfully, but when I follow the links to the contact (then account) record, they are not saved anywhere. The transactions are also not saved in my C&P Transactions list.

    Like I said, the screen seems to process originally and I get a "Transaction processed successfully" message and an order number, but the gift record isn't saved.

    I have authorized you to take a look. SFID is 00DG0000000j3Nc

    *edit* - The transactions show up in the Click and Pledge portal (in fact the 2nd attempt I did on one of the gifts is there twice), but they don't show up in Salesforce at all.
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    Good day!

    As discussed in the office hour Salesforce is generating an error with "too many namespaces". This occurs when too many applications are acting on the same object.

    Please see this thread in Salesforce forum:

    You indicated that you had recently installed a new app and the error started after that installation. The single app added has crossed the namespace to its limit so you will need to decide which apps to remove.

    It was also suggested, during the office hour, that you post this message to Salesforce HUB and see what others may suggest.

    Please update this post, if possible, once you have found a solution.
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