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Responsive receipt emails created in SalesForce C&P Designer

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  • Responsive receipt emails created in SalesForce C&P Designer

    More and more of our donors are on mobile, so I'd like our receipts to look great when viewed on mobile. I was hoping to make the receipt HTML responsive, so columns could reformat into cells of stacked values (e.g. take a look at the TableSaw responsive tables tool). But email requires elements to have inlined styles, and as far as I can tell there's no way to inline the elements generated by the <@CnP_OrderItems> merge field.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this? Thanks!


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    Good day!

    You have submitted this forum post to support requesting answer.

    In general if we do not have an answer we leave it for others to respond. The current solution does not support your request. It has been added for consideration but at this time there is no solution.

    You had asked if "anyone" has an answer and as such we did not want to clutter to post as we are waiting for other suggestions.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Thanks for the response, C&P Support! Please consider this a request to create responsive report templates that can be used in SalesForce. Or another option (even in addition to) would be to allow me to create a stylesheet for the form, and you could inline the styles after the HTML is generated, but before the message is sent.

      Happy new year!