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Donation Page not Accepting Donations - began today

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  • Donation Page not Accepting Donations - began today

    As of today, donations are not being accepted when attempted from Internet Explorer on PCs, on Mac desktops, or on iPhone mobile devices. This has not been a problem in the past, but only brought to their attention today. Can you advise? We have not changed the page yet to the Connect platform, but did not have these problems before. THANKS.

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    Can someone please respond? This is unacceptable that donations are unable to be received through the donation page.


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      Good day!

      We try to answer forums in a timely manner and typically respond within 24 hours. Our free support states answers are typically offered within 48 hours.

      We reviewed your page and you are iframing a checkout page. These checkout pages use cookies and are NOT recommended (discouraged) from being iframed. Safari and IE will block third party cookies. These pages are NOT designed to be iframed and as such Safar may block it. The legacy forms should NOT be iframed.

      If you wish to iframe a form please use the new Connect widgets. Please see more information:

      Please use the widgets and let us know if your users still experience any problem.

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