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Using C&P to handle payments from organizations

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  • Using C&P to handle payments from organizations

    I am using C&P in several NP radio stations. In addition to handling normal donor transactions, they also have business relationships with companies that purchase underwriting (like advertising) and other types of giving. I have been using a configuration for some time in which there is a "Donor Proxy" contact that is the company name. I do this because there is no actual person at the company who should be credited with the opportunity, and this allows the ability to use the appropriate contact record form organizational purchases and gifts.

    The issue that I've run into is that i use the SF lastname for the entire company name in these cases, but when I use the virtual terminal from the contact, and it pre-populates the contact info, it requires a first name. when I try to put a firstname into the virtual terminal, it won't let me. So, to get around this, I just put a - in as the first name for these organizational donor proxies. That works, but I wonder if there is a way that the firstname is not required?

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    Good day @BeverlyMIS,

    This idea has been suggested before but not currently available. We have designed the process and it will be in release 10.

    Sorry that you have to wait..
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