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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    At this time we do not have any integration with s2Members as nobody has requested it before. We have integration with PaidMembershipsPro as discussed in our manual:

    Hope that answers your question.

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  • Patti Boyce
    started a topic Membership question

    Membership question

    I have just written a question but don't see it in the forum. Pretty sure I hit post. It is regarding s2Members and Click and Pledge. Does Click and Pledge work with s2Members. And will Click and Pledge be providing the functions of s2Members or PaidMembershipPro in the future. And does Click and Pledge work with PaidMembershipPro. The other version of my question is more explicit but I didn't see it in the forum (or I don't know where to look). Thank you