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missing address in contact record and autoresponder

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  • missing address in contact record and autoresponder

    I have observed the following behavior a couple times now. A transaction will match to an existing contact record that has a blank mailing address. While C&P does create an alias with the new address, it doesn't copy into the contact record. Nor is it used in the autoresponder merge fields. Is this the correct behavior by design? If yes, how might I work around it? If no, can it be fixed soon?

    I will grant access to our data. Our C&P account number is 28197. The contact ID is 003G000001fLRvU.

    Thank you.

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    Good day!

    In the current release the contact information is not updated under any circumstances. This is by design since a large number of clients complained about the system updating the contact record when the patron had entered incorrect address or spelling, etc.

    All information, if not matched, are added to the alias record by design. The autoresponder uses the contact information except email which in your case is causing the issue you are referring to.

    In release 9.x we are making provisions for updating the contact information at the time of matching the contact in the Temporary Contact so you may choose to create an alias or update the contact information. You will also have the option to set which information should the autoresponder use in the autoresponder settings. Release 9.x is currently scheduled for release in the fourth quarter.

    Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.
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