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Fund designation in Virtual Terminal?

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  • Fund designation in Virtual Terminal?

    Is it possible to add the "Fund" field to the Virtual Terminal, so that the proper fund can be chosen immediately? As it stand, we can enter the campaign on VT, but the fund default is applied, then someone had to go into the child payment record and correct the fund designation.

    As designated funds are a big deal for non-profits (audits partly exist to be sure we properly designate funds as the donor desires them to be done), this would make us feel like the process was less likely to be error-prone.

    A Campaign (in Salesforce) is for us a specific ask, appeal, or request for gifts, but gifts that are given in response to a single Campaign could be given to any number of funds.

    ... a little later, I discovered that I also cannot designate the fund in a C&P Pledge. If this could be done there, and automatically apply that fund to payments that go to that pledge, it would make that process easier and less error-prone also.
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    Good day!

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by "fund".

    Is that the opportunity name?

    Please elaborate.
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      Hmm. I just realized that you wouldn't know what Fund was, because it's coming in via the KELL Partners "Fund Allocations" SmartPack, although, I believe SalesForce does now have a GAU allocations setup that might also use something similar.

      I am going to have to think about this - I don't know if it's even possible for you to pull in a custom field from another app like that, into VT, or fair for me to ask you to.

      No, it's not the Opportunity Name. In NPSP, the Opportunities have Payments. On both of these, because of the Fund Allocations SmartPack, we can tell the system which of our actual bookkeeping fund "buckets" the money needs to go to. What I don't have, if I were to use C&P for batch entry, is a way to do the same.

      I'll think about this one some more.