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Open-ended recurring gifts - batching?

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  • Open-ended recurring gifts - batching?

    If I have a list of people, say, who have all agreed to donate a certain amount per month, each, out of payroll deduction - but with no end date (it won't stop until they stop working here, or ask us to stop the deduction) - is this better recorded in NPSP or C&P? We will get the money as one check each month (not via credit card at all) from our Finance dept., and we'll need to break it out into each person's gift portion and record it properly that way. Also - will the answer be different if we are running on an Accrual basis rather than cash, or should all of these gifts be counted only when they come in, since there is no formal pledge for a particular total amount?

    It may work better to do this in NPSP, and if so that's just fine - Just want to know which is the best place, for reporting purposes.

    I'm thinking - I may have answered it myself - I can use the batch entry, but these will not be tied to any pledges, they will just be treated as simple one-time gifts each month...
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