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How to handle legacy pledges - pledges started in Salesforce BEFORE we added C&P?

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  • Leslie Cox
    I'm terrible at actually describing in words how the accrual thing works, so I found this: in case I'm putting anything incorrectly in my question. After talking to Kamran today in the daily webinar, we're going to go ahead and run our few pledges that we must run this month, let them count however they will count for now, and adjust them later when a solution arrives - I will need help to make those adjustments, but I'm sure you guys will be there. :-) Thanks for being such a super customer support org

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  • Leslie Cox
    I've granted you access and our ID is 00D1a000000YF55

    I've created one pledge -

    and tried to setup the mapping as Kamran suggested might work to make sure that all payments for the pledge have the same close date as the pledge -

    Will this work? Are there pieces I'm missing? Will this date be problematic on the receipt to the donor, for instance, or will it show the date run? Is my VT set up the right way for me to make this happen correctly?

    Once I know how to do one of them, I can do the rest. But I've never used any products, SKU's, or custom questions or mapping yet - all are new to me, so I may have a lot of blind spots.

    Thanks for any help you can give - my bookeeping person has made this urgent and wants to run the current payments, on C&P, for several of these before Friday. :-(
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  • Leslie Cox
    After being in the webinar - what I'm hearing will be cleanest since our SF/NPSP version is fairly new - I can create the older pledges AS C&P pledges from the beginning, but post the earlier payments using custom payment type, until we get to NOW, and then begin using C&P for the payments.

    I will need to understand and set up SKU's for the pledges, so that the payments will connect properly.

    I will need to look into C&P Settings>Custom Questions>SKU Mapping -- Field Map = Close Date and custom text will have to be Exact Date for the pledge so as to have the payments use the close date of the pledge itself for Accrual accounting purposes.

    I am not yet sure I understand the details of how to do this, but it sounds as if if might work.

    Will post further questions here if I get stuck.

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  • How to handle legacy pledges - pledges started in Salesforce BEFORE we added C&P?

    I'm confused about how to handle Pledge Opportunities (Recurring with end date) that started earlier and exist as SF recurrings. Can these be completed by using C&P payments? I don't understand the difference/need for separate C&P and SF Recurrings to be set up, and can't find the right documentation on this to get farther.


    Contact pledged $5K in August of 2014. Per SF manual instructions for NPSP, as we use accrual accounting the pledge was created as an Opportunity with scheduled payments so that the $5K should be counted in 8/2014, and payments should all use the Opportunity's close date of 8/27/2014 so as not to be counted as current income; payments are scheduled out until the end of the pledge (5 years long/ 60 payments). Payments prior to now have been done using a system outside of SF and so payments were simply edited in SF to note they had occurred.

    Now that we have C&P, can we begin paying these types of already existing SF pledges using C&P? If so -how?

    Or - would we have to create a C&P recurring and somehow close out the original pledge, even though it has a balance due? And if we must do that, could we do it so that the payment will not have a current close date but use the older close date and not credit current month's receipts?

    The same situation might apply if a contact wanted to make a payment to an older pledge using a credit card through our website. Can this be set up, and if so, how?

    I'm sorry, this is a very complicated question. I will try to jump on the daily webinar today, but if you can point me to some documentation or anything that will help, please do.